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Board Partners of South Karelia


Our mission is to advance the success of small and medium-sized companies in South Karelia region by supporting the development of company boards and corporate governance.

Our goal is to develop high-performing, professional and ethical governance in SMEs.

We assist in finding highly trained and experienced experts in business, SMEs and governance as board members for the small and medium-sized companies in South Karelia region.

We provide small and medium-sized companies with experience, understanding, knowledge and know-how in expanding their boards and developing good covernance. When looking for new members to your company's board, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information, please contact out Board:

ChairmanEelis Eskelinen+358 400 372 153eelis.eskelinen(at)
MemberHannu Lappalainen+358 400 650 404hannu.lappalainen(at)
MemberAnni Laihanen+358 40 846 1210alaihanen(at)
MemberMarkku Pentikäinen+358 400 498 531mr.pentikainen(at)
MemberSami Hänninen+358 400 835 470sami.hanninen(at)
MemberTopi Karppanen+358 40 500 1957topi.karppanen(at)



Or our executive manager


+358 44 213 5813